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Create Powerful Data Visuals

Tell a compelling story using your data

Data Visualization

Data visualizations allow you to interact with your data across multiple sources to find business insights.

Get Answers in Real Time

With Power BI we can aid you to analyze your real time data, empowering your organization to gain instant
insights from time-sensitive information.

Advance Analytics

Our data science team can help with integrated python scripts to enable advanced analytics that can further help in predictive models & data based decisions.

Customized business centric reports

We understand your business needs and create custom visuals to help you dig deep into your data, while being productive and creative with what you build. To begin with, we start you off with pre-built reports with actionable insights.

The customizable design ensures that all dashboards and reports have a cohesive look and structure and integrate with the existing corporate style.

Smart decisions with data visualization

Business insights with fast analytics

Monitor your business health using live dashboard and interactive reports anytime, anywhere on the go. With Power BI real-time streaming, you can stream data and update dashboards in real time.

Enterprises can arrange their data in a clear, easy-to-use way thus empowering business to make decisions in hours, not months. Teams gain easy access to the data they need for tasks and workflow streaming.


Sales and Purchase

View customer sales analysis, pipeline reports, accounts analysis, market views as well as team performance. Analyze purchase by supplier category, purchase quantity by delivery method, year-wise and product -wise comparisons by total purchase


View manufacturing data for fault prevention, predictive maintenance, demand forecasting, inventory management, order management, logistics and product progress measurement.


View monthly sales analysis and comparison, city-wise sales analysis, user sales data, quarter-wise user retention/Cohort analysis, supply chain data


What are the tools that you use for the data analytics projects?

Our team has deep expertise in power BI. But based on your needs we can help you with other tools such as Bold BI, Tableau etc.

Why choose Power BI?

Ease of use. Power BI has a user-friendly interface which gives it an edge over other tools. The report generation, data viz and data integration capabilities are pretty fast when it comes to extracting accurate and reliable insights. Also, it is a comprehensive tool, can handle a large volume of data, has better formatting options, keeps your entire team on the same page.

Which Industries can benefit from Power BI implementation?

Power BI development is beneficial across industries ranging from manufacturing and retail to healthcare, ecommerce, banking and hospitality. It generates real-time insights that can help optimize operations, boost productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

Is my data secured with Power BI ?

The Power BI service is built on Microsoft Azure. This secure cloud platform stores data between BLOB storage and SQL database, depending on where your BI tenant is located. Further you can secure your data by applying restrictions based on rows using row level security.

Can real time reports be generated?

Your reports can be generated in real-time using DirectQuery or streaming datasets. However, the most common application is either scheduling a refresh a few times every day or planning it overnight.