Code 2 Impact Development Methodology

Part 1

Importance of effective Software Development Methodology

Software development is an engaging process and involves alignment between multiple stakeholders with varying degree of technology understanding and expectations. The “Code 2 Impact” software development methodology at IOO Labs helps our clients maximise the business impact they wish to get from their investment in software.

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Part 2

How to build software despite not having prior experience in the business domain?

Should a technology services provider have prior experience in building software in that domain? Learn how IOO Labs is challenging this conventional wisdom and helping organizations achieve their business goals by following Domain Driven Design.

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Part 3

Is it possible to make changes to software requirements without impacting the release date?

Very often as development progresses, users want to modify originally agreed requirements to accommodate evolving business needs. To better suit such scenarios a Rapid Application Development model is ideal.

Watch this video to see how at IOO Labs we leverage our in-house low code development platform to support such rapid Application Development.

Part 4

Is software testing only about finding bugs?

Software testing is very often considered as a routine, unavoidable activity to be done in the end.

Watch this video to learn how IOO Labs in-house testing platform “Rover” is making testing a centerpiece. Blending with our “Test2Impact” testing methodology it is helping clients generate value across all phases of software development lifecycle.

Part 5

Can technology platform make you inherently data driven?

Often organisations struggle with their technology platforms to track and monitor usage metrics at granular level, mine user behaviour, generate insightful reports, react quickly to user actions, audit logging of data, and troubleshooting. IOO Labs ( high impacting software development methodology leverages event sourcing paradigm to achieve greater flexibility and sophistication in data analytics.

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