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Business Impact Through Software

Generating impact through software is dependent on using it for business activities in a way that will lend a competitive advantage to the business. This has to be conceptualized thoroughly while building the software.

At IOO Labs we understand this and always try to focus on key business goals instead of spending a lot of time on feature list, cost optimization, project timelines and quality.


Code 2 Impact Development Methodology


At IOO Labs we have developed a rigorous “code 2 impact” software development methodology that generates value for our clients by leveraging high impacting processes such as Domain driven design, Rapid application development, Quality@speed, Data centricity and Infrastructure Management & stabilization.

This helps us to build knowledge around both business domain as well applied technology, shorten the time to market and incorporate changes very quickly without any significant disruption to business. It also aids us to maintain quality, focus on adoption of software and optimize infrastructure cost.


Test 2 Impact Testing Methodology


The testing process is often straight jacketed into defect finding activity, which significantly diminishes the value addition of the testing team. However, if properly set up and supported then the testing team and process can add significant value in requirement analysis, architecture and knowledge building of a software system.

At IOO Labs we recognise the potential and challenges of the testing process and testing team and have stitched together a testing methodology “Test2Impact” to help address the issues. At the centre of our testing methodology is our testing platform “Rover” around which a combination of processes and practices are built to deliver value to our clients.



Web Application

Developing applications that are lightweight, modular, service oriented and change friendly.

Cloud Based

Deployment and hosting in AWS, Azure and other cloud based services.

Mobile App

Hybrid mobile app implementation to shorten cycle time for iOS and Android app development


Actionable analytics based on NLP, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Product & Technology

Workshops to build cohesive user experience, bridge process & data island and accelerate pace of change.


Design and development of online courses with interplay of animation, interactivity, audio and video.


Ethnography Research Platform

A SaaS platform that digitizes the entire manual and operation intensive process and workflow of ethnography research. The platform greatly helps in reducing the overall cost and time taken to execute the project. It also simplifies centrally managing the research project and connecting pattern in participant's response to extract insights. According to an estimate the platform reduces the cost of the project by as much as 15%. It also helps each researcher work on 6 projects parallelly.

Digital Platform for Organic Farming Certification

A technical platform for streamlining complex workflow of organic farming certification process along with generating farm specific data, farmer insight and market analytics for yield improvement. The platform is built adopting a micro service architecture and is scalable, configurable and extensible. It is also big data compliant and can generate actionable analytics run time.

Engagement Mobile App for Students

A mobile app that revolutionises the way student study. This App supports digital mode of learning both inside and outside the classroom. It influences the career decision of the students,carve the path forward and also guide the student throughout the journey. The App has helped increased student engagement by 25% for our client.

Product Consulting for Digital Training

Our client is a Training Institute who wanted to transform from a Physical mode to a Phy- gital mode by blending of the traditional on-campus physical experience and the digital technologies. IOO Labs, through consulting, helped them build a product strategy & multiple product platforms, which helped them scale their business and identify new trends of digital consumer behavior.


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Aniruddha Kannal


IOO Labs has played an important role in Xcelerator achieving its goals. Right from the onset the team engaged with us as partners and not vendors. The leadership team was always available and very quick in resolving any issues we raised.

They have a great combination of technical expertise, service excellence, and business understanding that is a welcome differentiator compared to the run of the mill development outsourcing shops. right


Nitin Unni

LightBulb Innovations

right At LightBulb Innovations, our journey in Agri-Tech has been a vision to create a digitization platform that can operate at scale for the 800M+ Indian farmer ecosystem. The platform had to be resilient as well as evolutionary bringing in various functionalities in an agile fashion.

In IOO Labs, we found the right partner to build this platform and found their Scala-Mongo reference framework the ideal bootstrap for us to get an initial MVP up and running and subsequently use the in-built micro-services architecture so that functionalities could get added in conjunction with customer on-boarding.

IOO Labs team are top notch in enterprise development and have been very accommodating with the changes and pivots that have happened during the course of the project. Their frequent suggestions and insights have helped us make good architectural decisions that have balanced speed vs functionality. We thank IOO Labs for their contribution to our product and will look forward to their continued support in our product journey as the rubber hits the road. right

About Us


We are a technology company with deep experience in complex enterprise software development, architecture and product consulting and data analytics solution.

In our development process, we strive hard to ensure that the software that we build has high utility value for your internal team or customer and also provides an edge to your business

Our solutions usually have strategic vision and enterprise wide scope spanning across customer experience improvements, boost in internal operations performance and identification of new business models.

Our motto is "Code to Impact" because at heart we love to code which creates the desired business impact.

Unique Differentiators

Our core business values determines our engagement framework and defines how IOO Labs commits to working with its clients. This framework reflects our approach to build ing software


Value Chain

We enable our customers to leverage digital technologies such as web, cloud, mobile, IOT and analytics to re-shape and improve customer interactions, business models and financial returns.



Our team is a mix of people with experience in solutioning, operations process design, product management, software architecture, user experience design, product development, quality engineering, project management and instructional design.

Our team members have expertise drawn from the following domains: banking, insurance, financial services, education, ecommerce and health tech, and training. This gives us a lot of diversity and versatility of thinking when we approach a solution building.