Approach for Software to Play Central Role in Business

Part 1

Business Impact Through Software

Leveraging digital technology as a core business competency is critical for competitive advantage in digital economy. Business leaders need to deeply involve in software development to identify principles and activities pivotal for making business impact.

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Part 2

Shaping Software Impact During Inception

At the inception stage of the software project the following should be taken care to create impact:

Instead of merely focusing on functional features the project team, should make a conscious effort to capture what is central to success of the software, what the business goal is, and where the value is.

The different parts within a software should be analysed for their varying degree of importance so that the high impact parts are identified.

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Part 3

Shaping Software Impact During System Definition

In an application some parts are more business critical than others. So through business impact analysis the high critical or the core part of the application should be identified and efforts should be concentrated around this. Also all the complex business logic and policies of the business space should be captured explicitly in a domain model which is expression of the system in a language that should be comprehensible to both business and technical users. The above helps shape business impact through software at system definition stage.

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Part 4

Creating Business Impact Post Software Release

Post release of software to production, business impact is created in three ways.Firstly, the software usage data must be continuously tracked and analysed to align the software to business goals. Secondly, the software must adapt to emergence of new production scenarios, or business model changes, or user behavior changes, to stay relevant and continue making business impact. Finally, the hardware, architecture and security of system must be evolved based on stress and performance studies to ensure continuity.

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Part 5

Organisation culture driving software impact

The culture of an organization plays an important role for internal adoption of software and leveraging technology. It helps cultivates the right attitude and brings a shift in user habit for becoming digital and technology centric.Digital culture has to be driven from top management. Management should ensure that internal teams are continuously trained and focused on execution of digital activities

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